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Akademisches Curriculum vitae



I.  Education

University of Cambridge, England (2016) BD

            Topic:  Essays on Thomas Cranmer


University of Cambridge, England (1995) PhD

Thesis:  ‘Thomas Cranmer’s Doctrine of Repentance’

Awards:  Fulbright Graduate Study Award (1990-1); Overseas Research Award

(1991-3), Archbishop Cranmer Studentship (1992-4), Archbishop Cranmer Prize (1993) and Lightfoot Scholarship (1993-4)


Yale Divinity School, New Haven, CT (1985) MDiv; (1989) STM

Thesis:  ‘Repentance Reconsidered: Towards a Recovery of Anglican Identity’

Awards: Distinguished STM Thesis, Jarvis Alumni Fellowship


Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX (1982) BA in English (Major), History (Minor)



II. Current Academic Affiliations as an Independently-Supported Scholar

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany (2012-2018) DFG-Research-Project “Thomas Cranmer as Theological and Liturgical Reformer”, (since 2018) Visiting Fellow for Cranmer Research

St. John’s College, University of Durham, UK (since 2013) Visiting Fellow in Anglican Studies

Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge (since 2003) Visiting Fellow for Cranmer research

Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia (since 2003) Visiting Lecturer in Anglican Studies


III. Other Professional Associations

Alexandria School of Theology, Alexandria, Egypt (since 2018) Chairman of the Board

Alexandria School of Theology, Alexandria, Egypt (2017) Member of Governing Board

St. Mark’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral, Alexandria, Egypt (since 2015) Canon Theologian

Society of Antiquaries, London, UK (since 2009) Fellow

Royal Historical Society, London, UK (since 2008) Fellow

Episcopal Diocese of Western Kansas (since 2005) Canon Theologian

Church of England Record Society, London, UK (since 1998) Member


IV. Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships

Christian in Sports, Oxford, UK (2018) Research Fellowship for Sports Theology

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2012-18), see above

The Episcopal Church, New York, NY (2016-2017) Conant Fund Grant for Cranmer Research

The Episcopal Church, New York, NY (2013-2014) Conant Fund Grant for Cranmer Research

The Episcopal Church, New York, NY (2009) Scaife-Anderson Fellow in Eastern Orthodoxy

St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, Crestwood, NY (2009) St. Vladimir Scholar

Faculty of Theology and Religion, Durham University, UK (2009) Alan Richardson Fellow

Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest, Austin, TX (2008) Visiting Fellow

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, New York, NY (2006-2007) Fellow

Episcopal Church Foundation, New York, NY (2006) Special Discretionary Grant Recipient

National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington, DC (2005-2006) Fellow

Anglican and Eastern Churches Association (2005) Grant Recipient

Institut für Europäische Geschichte, Mainz, Germany (2004 –2005) Stipendiat

St. Deiniol’s Library, Hawarden, UK (2004) Moorman Scholar

Historical Society of the Episcopal Church USA (2002) Grant Recipient

Eberhard-Karls-Universität, Tübingen, Germany (2001-2) Gastforscher

University of the South, Sewanee, TN (2000) Scholar-in-Residence


V. Previous Academic Employment

Knox Theological Seminary, Fort Lauderdale, FL (2015) Adjunct Professor

Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA (2014-15) Adjunct Professor

Wycliffe College, Toronto, Canada (2012) Adjunct Professor

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany (2008-11) Lehrbeauftragter

Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA (2007) Trotter Visiting Professor

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany (2002-4) Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


VI.  Annual Lectures

Matriculation Lecture and Sermon, Nashotah House, WI (2019)

Reformation Conference, Moore College, Sydney, Australia (2019)

Clergy Study Day, Diocese of Southwark, UK (2017)

Explore Day, Cranmer Hall, St. John’s College, University of Durham, UK (2017)

Commencement Speaker, Alexandria School of Theology, Alexandria, Egypt (2017)

‘Alexandrian Tradition in the English Reformation’, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt (2016)

Annual Lecture, George Whitefield College, Cape Town, South Africa (2015)

Commencement Speaker, Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia (2015)

Annual Anglican Institute Lecture, Ridley Theological College, Melbourne, Australia (2015)

Peter Toon Memorial Lecture, Church Society, London, UK (2014)

Commencement Speaker, George Whitefield College, Cape Town, South Africa (2013)

Annual Lecture, George Whitefield College, Cape Town, South Africa (2012)

Moore College Lectures, Moore College, Sydney, Australia (2009)

Commencement Speaker, Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA (2009)

Janani Luwum Memorial Lecture, Uganda Christian University, Mukono, Uganda (2005)

Simeon Lectures, Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA (2002)

St. Antholin Lecture, St. Antholin Lectureship in Puritan Divinity, London, UK (2000)


VII.  Artist Residency Programs

Civitella Ranieri Center, Umbertide, Italy (2008) Director’s Fellow for Writing

Robert M. MacNamara Foundation, Westport Island, ME (2007) Writer-in-Residence


VIII.  Cure of Souls

Goodenough College, London, UK (1996-99) Chaplain and Research Fellow

Fettes College, Edinburgh, UK (1994-5) Interim Chaplain and Head of Religious Studies

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Liberal, KS (1988-90) Rector

Grace Church and School, New York, NY (1985-7) Asst. Minister and Chaplain









A. Books


Thomas Cranmer and the Efficacious Word of God (Oxford: University of Oxford Press, forthcoming)


Co-editor, Reformation Anglicanism: A Global Vision for Today (Wheaton, Ill.: Crossway, 2017).


Divine Allurement: Cranmer’s Comfortable Words (London: Latimer Press, 2014).


Thomas Cranmer’s Doctrine of Repentance—Renewing the Power to Love (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000).


B. Book Chapters


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C. Articles


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E.  Book Reviews


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F.  Translations


Johannes Wallmann, ‘Scriptural Understanding and Interpretation in Pietism’ in Hebrew Bible / Old Testament: The History of Its Interpretation, ed. Magne Saebo. Vol.II: From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2008), pp. 902-925.


G.  DVDs


King James Bible: The Book that Changed the World (Lionsgate Media, 2010) Contributor